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SATE 2012 conference

Koert Vermeulen will be a key speaker @ SATE 2012 conference (the annual Experience Design conference hosted by the Themed Entertainment Association).

SATE 2012 will take place 19-21 September at Disneyland Paris. The topic: Cultural diversity & Experience Design.
TEA’s SATE 2012 conference is co-chair by Yves Pépin and Joe Rohde .

More info @ Sate 2012

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Our latest project for Infrabel with DDMC and PRG



15th TO 20th OF APRIL 2012

OVO is a multi-sensory art installation to which a dimension of a luminous event is provided by the plays of light and the visual and acoustic animations. On first sight the visitor sees the shape of an egg, the two gateways inviting to enter. In this participatory creation, the spectator becomes fully actor of his/her experience by entering the space occupied by OVO.


Telenet 15th anniversary

Flying People in New York City

Graffiti enhancement in Ghent

ACTLD was commissioned by SIEN, the museum scenography agency, to team up with Steve Locatelli, the graffiti artist, and create a made to measure art installation for the underground passage in the City of Ghent. The passage was closed for many years and for the occasion of re-opening it for the public, SIEN combined the strengths of artists from various universes to obtain an original art installation in order to provide an experience accessible for everyone.

Creative vision of the artists was expressed into an urban and modern UV graffiti painting for which a made to measure lighting fixture was created. The combination of white and UV LED’s with ordinary and UV sensitive paints, add drama and an original futuristic effect becoming a “permanent exhibition display”.

Light by Sunday Paper

Luc Petit Creation 2012 Wishes

Interview with Koert Vermeulen, Principal Designer of ACTLD – Philips at PLDC

Interview with Koert Vermeulen, Principal Designer of ACT Lighting Design – Philips at PLDC

Christmas Illumination of Paris Champs Elysées

We are pleased to present you our movie “Tree rings – Christmas Illuminations Champs-Elysées Paris 2011-2012” directed by Delphine Dhilly.

Audrey Tautou illumine les Champs Elysées

Les illuminations des Champs Elysées expliquées

L’avenue des Champs-Elysées prépare ses habits de lumière – Paris.fr

Nominated finalist of the ICSC European

We are pleased to announce that our project “K” in Kortijk, Belgium, was nominated finalist of the ICSC European…

Lights in Alingsas 2011

Sir Ken Robinson

If you know Sir Ken Robinson, you know he explains it very very well, beautifully illustrated, about education

Designers Are The New Drivers Of American Entrepreneurialism

Paris Champs Elysées

Glad to announce the Xmas Lighting of the Paris’ Champs Elysées by ACT lighting design for 2011 till 2014.


13th & 27th September, Koert Vermeulen will be a guest speaker at “light sessions” workshops for architects and interior designers, organized by Delta Light in Wevelgem, Belgium.

Metinvest event

Lighting of floating theatre and water show at Metinvest event in Ukraine.


Great images, great presentation, for all of us “nomades”.

Photos on ACTLD Facebook page

I posted 15 photos on Facebook in the album “OVO light sculpture”. Koert Vermeulen

Wan Awards lighting

Wan Awards lighting long list announced: Our OVO project is one of the finalists ! look at all of them.

Real life

See what your online life would be if it would go “real life”. Very funny indeed, or not?


The latest news, projects and stuff about ACT lighting design : another OVO, a museum, a concert, a dance, and 2 TV shows. Have fun !

Learning to fly

Now I know my next goal in life, learn how to fly ! It seems so easy…

Nature and Stars

Amazing video of nature and stars, shot from a mountain in Spain. Terje Sorgjerd is the photographer.