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Riviera CRE Award
ACTLD is designing a new media installation for the upcoming Amsterdam Light Festival. By cruising on the canal, you will enjoy the artwork in a contemplative way surrounded by ambient sound. As a pedestrian, you will be invited to enjoy an immersive and more intimate experience from the Jonas Daniël Meijerplein park.
Amsterdam Light Festival Amsterdam Light Festival
From 30th november 2017 to 21th january 2018
Light Matters
"Out of the darkness, a flowing, moving light appears in between the trees, dancing in the middle of the sky, like a mirage creating an immersive experience."
To reveal these marvelous pieces of natural light into the heart of the city, ACTLD proposes through "Light Matters" a voyage around the world and beyond. Rare treasures from the universe, the northern skies, the deep sea, the center of the earth and more... will float above us reminding us how much Light Matters.
Amsterdam Map Jonas Daniël Meijerplein park

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Riviera CRE Award
Riviera Shopping Mall was awarded
"Best Very Large Shopping Center" at the CRE Awards 2017 !
Riviera Shopping Mall and Entertainment Centre is a commercial and leisure project located in Moscow. ACTLD created a distinctive "signature" for the exteriors & interiors thanks to our innovative approach.
Dynamic Façade Design
We've created our concept "Planetarium", staging the products of our designated partner, Anolis, in the framework of Darc Night for the Darc Awards, and for "Darc Room" during the London Design Festival.
"Our installation is inspired by the ancient concept of Planetariums, dome-shaped theaters."
Through different techniques, the public was immersed into a celestial world that once upon a time seemed far, far away. Through abstract illustrations, we created the experiences of swimming into the universe, exploring known planets, and maybe even some imaginary ones...
An experience both contemplative and intense, that will, for a few minutes, let one's imagination float into another space.
Avenue Wielemans Ceuppens 45/1
B - 1190 Bruxelles
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