As independent lighting designers, ACTLD create lighting atmospheres that enhance space and place. Our aim is to achieve successful lighting schemes, which imply an understanding of light’s complex technical requirement, experience and sensitivity. We apply our knowledge, respect and passion to the emotional and human experience of each project.

We fill the gap between the professionals using light as an expressive tool (stage lighting, photography) and those generally implementing lighting technology in the built environment (building services). We bring together stage lighting techniques (dynamic lighting & color use) and high quality architectural lighting equipment (durability, glare control) to create schemes revealing, modifying or enhancing everyday life environment.

In our designs, we always try to improve the visual perception and understanding of our environment, to use light as an expressive tool and to bring a poetical value, an enhancement and guidance to the people. We also keep in mind the necessity to integrate properly lighting into architecture, to fulfill the technical requirements of lighting design and to design made-to-measure luminaires for an added value to projects.

In other words, we look for achieving the most creative lighting design, in terms of aesthetics, function, flexibility, maintenance and cost.

Our main responsibility is to create the environment of the highest quality for the users whilst continuously looking for equipment reducing energy consumption as far as possible.