The objective of Jeumont project was to inform the public about the city’s intentions to convert the abandoned industrial site in the vicinity of a train station.

For ten days, the site was transformed into an artistic area. Our lighting design consisted of several units. At the entrance of the Jeumont train station a son & lumière presenting the history and the future of the site, was set up.

Visitors were invited to go to the “Atelier D”, a large warehouse hosting a live show with several artists and aerial dancers.

Along the illuminated walkway, over 800sqm of video projections were displayed on the facades of the warehouse and adjacent buildings. Another showpiece of the scenography consisted in the construction of a 31m high temporary totem with integrated interactive lighting system.

Principal Designer : Koert Vermeulen
Artistic Director : Zo
Client : City of Jeumont
Date : 2003
Country : France