Le défi de César

A new themed walkthrough attraction at Asterix Le défi de César. ACTLD was responsible for the design and integration of lighting and video.

The attraction consists of 5 halls, each with its own special effects. In the first hall a photo capture is created and transformed in a projection for the second hall. In the third, an animatronic of César gives a briefing to the audience followed by a 3D movie starring Asterix and Obelix. In the fourth hall the audience arrives at thermal springs, where by means of water, water projections and effects a huge storm is imitated. Finally they arrive at the fifth hall, where they are submerged in an underwater sensation by the use of 20 plasma screens, an Asterix & Obelix movie and spinning decors.

Lighting Design : ACTLD
Director : Alain Sachs
Client : Compagnie des Alpes
Year : 2008
Country : France, Paris