The project « Locutorium » is the first stage of the refurbishment of the Abbey of the Park in Leuven and hosts the Museum that explains its history. The requirements of the lighting are the following: lighting has to enhance this heritage building, comply with museum requirements and be perfectly integrated in these old spaces.

For this project, we have selected a very sober and contemporary range of light fittings, both technical and decorative. These fittings are wall mounted or ceiling suspended and fitted with whether discharge lamps or halogen lamps, which allows to either reduce consumption or dim light intensities according to each room needs. Museum lighting is achieved with compact and well glare controlled projectors mounted on suspended tracks. These various luminaries are perfectly integrated in these old and refurbished spaces thanks to their quality, their sober line and their compact size.

Lighting Design : ACTLD
Client : City of Louvain, Belgium
Date : 2009
Country : Belgium – Louvain