On June 22th ACTLD collaborated with Luc Petit CREATION in a project in Donetsk (Ukraine), organized by K-events Filmmaster Group to mark the fifth anniversary of the metallurgical and mining group Metinvest. This corporate show with its exclusive gala night was a celebration of values, identity and vision of the company and brought together 200 production employees, 107 performers from 8 countries, a mobile theater and 10,000 square meter of stage constructed on a lake, 300 meters long and 100 meters wide. The public was amazed by the aquatic art and aerial choreography, a presentation in stereoscopic 3D video, and a spectacular combination of fireworks.

Lighting Design : ACTLD
Organization The event agency K-events
Executive producer and art director of the show Luc Petit Création
Year 2011
Country Ukraine, Donetsk