PLDA Celebration of Light

At the recent Light & Building Fair in Frankfurt, the PLDA (Professional lighting designer’s association) produced their bi-annual event for the lighting industry, PLDA Celebration of Light. More than 800 international guests were invited at the 3rd Celebration of Light at the Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt. The PLDA asked ACTLD to be the designer for this event. The theme of the evening was “The World of Film”.
This theme was translated into the overall design with two vertical dance-acts by In-SENSO on a filmscreen, Low resolution LED panels in a square format and several Plasma screens showing clips from famous movies, using lighting as a means of storytelling.

Designers : Koert Vermeulen & Thomas Boets
Dancers : In-SENSO
Client : PLDA
Date : 2008
Country : Germany