STAM, Ghent’s city museum is located on the Bijloke site, in a listed Convent that was entirely renovated for this project. The challenge for the lighting designers was to enhance the architecture of the building through adapted lighting whilst taking into account the requirements and limitations of museum-specific lighting.

ACTLD therefore opted for a minimalist but highly performing set of lights, discretely integrated into the existing architecture of the site.

ACTLD made wide use of LED technology for its small-scale light fittings such as miniature projectors or LED strips. In the larger rooms, discharge projectors were used to reduce energy consumption and ensure a high quality rendition of the colors.

Lighting design : ACTLD
Scenography : Pièce Montée – Tijdsbeeld
Architect : Koen Van Nieuwenhuysen – Stad Gent
Year : 2010
Location : Ghent, Belgium