The Flying Trunk

For the renovation of The Flying Trunk, an attraction of the Tivoli theme park in Copenhagen, ACTLD created and integrated a whole new lighting design.
For the last 45 years, ‘The Flying Trunk’ has offered a journey through the most beloved tales of Hans Christian Anderson.

The restoration of all figurines and setting was handled by Joravision. Since its last renovation in 1999, the incandescent light fixtures have caused a huge electrical system load. By using almost exclusively LED lighting, ACTLD was able to triple the number of fixtures while reducing the system load by 40%.

Sparkling and bright light as well as colour corrected LED fixtures, enhanced the ride and maintained this “incandescent feeling” cherished by the visitors.

Lighting Design : ACTLD
Principal Designer : Koert Vermeulen
Lighting Designer : Thomas Boets
Artistic Director : Mihkel Sonne
Client : Tivoli Theme Park
Year : 2010
Country : Danemark, Copenhagen