Conversations with lighting designers

Elite Model World Final – Shanghai

Amsterdam Light Festival – OVO

Meet Your Creator – Quadrotor Show

Our latest project for Infrabel with DDMC and PRG


Telenet 15th anniversary

Flying People in New York City

Light by Sunday Paper

Luc Petit Creation 2012 Wishes

Christmas Illumination of Paris Champs Elysées

We are pleased to present you our movie “Tree rings – Christmas Illuminations Champs-Elysées Paris 2011-2012” directed by Delphine Dhilly.

Audrey Tautou illumine les Champs Elysées

Les illuminations des Champs Elysées expliquées

Lights in Alingsas 2011

Sir Ken Robinson

If you know Sir Ken Robinson, you know he explains it very very well, beautifully illustrated, about education

Real life

See what your online life would be if it would go “real life”. Very funny indeed, or not?

Learning to fly

Now I know my next goal in life, learn how to fly ! It seems so easy…

Nature and Stars

Amazing video of nature and stars, shot from a mountain in Spain. Terje Sorgjerd is the photographer.

A xylofon in a forest

A xylofon in a forest : Only at the end you know it’s for selling phones, but what a beauty to get there…


Watch NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse on Vimeo! Beautiful lighting.


That is particle generation in real life, not in 3D studio Max, Beautifull Nature.