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City of Rotterdam




Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Lighting Design, Previsualization, Programming


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Lighting Design: ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Koert VermeulenSenior Lighting Design: Panos AndrikopoulosArchitect: Ben van Berkel / UNStudio with Tom Minderhoud and Ger GijzenInstallation: Dynniq (Rogier van Ankum, Remco Vermaas)Technical Suppliers: Industrielicht (Gert-Jan Klompenhouwer, Harrie Lagerhuizen), LRSolutions (Jimmy van Bemmel)

The Erasmus Bridge, designed by architect Ben van Berkel, is the tallest bridge in the Netherlands (height 139 meters) and the most important landmark in Rotterdam’s skyline since its inauguration in 1996.

With the Erasmus Bridge approaching its 21st anniversary, the city of Rotterdam and the architects from UNStudio, who designed the original lighting scheme of the bridge, wanted to revamp the lighting scheme with the latest in LED technology and dynamic possibilities to perform striking visual effects in mind.

Working in close collaboration with the architects from UNStudio, ACTLD’s team carried out a full quantitative and qualitative analysis, where both CCT/color & luminance/illuminance measurements were taken before and after the replacement of the old lighting equipment with new LED fittings (provided by Sill and installed by Dynniq) and advise on the lighting principles.

As an outcome of the study, ACTLD provided an assessment of the energy efficiency of the new lighting scheme, as well as the appearance, the range and the quality of the achievable color. The team could also test the performance of the transitions between lighting schemes and the potential for further customization.

Based on the initial lighting concept by Lighting Design Partnership (LDP) and following the conclusions of its assessment of the new LED equipment and control system, ACTLD supervised multiple lighting sequences to be featured during major events to highlight the visual identity of the Erasmus Bridge and emphasize its role in the heart of the city.

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