ACTLD is a team of talented and forward thinking professionals who are committed to delivering high quality lighting and experiential design services. From concept to completion, we are experts in taking even the most abstract ideas and turning them into reality.


Completed projects so far in 32 different countries 


Languages spoken in our office over the years


Nationalities of the ACTLD team since 2010

Our mission

We continually exceed our clients’ expectations and push the envelope using existing and emerging technologies in our designs and projects. Our idea of success is the look of wonder and joy on the faces of our clients and their audiences.

Our vision

Our desire is to explore, share and deliver our inspirations with each new project. Keeping the joy and wonder of the audience in mind, as a team it is our goal to engage the public by delivering the finest lighting and experience designs possible.

ACTLD designs, develops and delivers outstanding lighting and experiential environments worldwide.

Our Professional Services

Integrated Design & Project Management for Experiential Projects and Immersive experiences

Comprehensive design encompassing offerings in lighting, scenography, sound, content, AV systems, and special effects and project management for interactive and engaging environments, encompassing sensory-rich experiences from conceptualization through to final realization.

Lighting Design & Consultancy for Bespoke Architecture

Lighting design is about the creative vision and implementation of the lighting concept, whereas lighting consultancy addresses the strategic and practical elements, ensuring that the lighting design is feasible, efficient, and compliant with all necessary guidelines and regulations.

Research and Development through our Innovation Lab

Through our innovation lab, we spearhead research and development in 3 key areas: Storytelling, Design Processes, and Systems Design. With several active projects in each domain, we equip our clients with a distinctive edge, enriching the experiences we deliver.

Our Team

We bring our combined backgrounds and talents from lighting design, experience design, architecture, scenography, content curation and engineering to deliver experiences that delight and amaze.

Koert Vermeulen
Founder, Principal Designer
Koert Vermeulen, Founder and Principal Designer of ACTLD, is a Belgium based lighting and visual designer who creates lighting, set, video and content designs…
Andrea Mantello
Architect, Partner, Principal Designer
Andrea Mantello works at the nexus of architecture, design and lighting. After almost a decade of engagement in the world of Arte Povera, he…
Main Lighting Programmer, Previz Specialist, Senior Designer
Luc is a multifaceted lighting professional, self-taught with a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 35 years in the industry….
Project Manager, Senior Designer
Cristina brings a harmonious blend of creative ideas and functional solutions to every project at ACTLD, enriching the firm with her diverse experience and…
Project Manager, Senior Designer
Lucrezia is a lighting designer with a twist of Industrial Design, a sharp eye for project overview, and a strong belief in the power…
Administration Manager
As the Administration Manager for ACTLD, her role is central to maintaining smooth operations across all aspects of the office….
Architect, Project Designer
Curious and open-minded, Victorien has traveled extensively and lived abroad. He is convinced that diversity and collaboration between cultures are essential to carrying out…
Junior Designer, Office Manager
Always seeking growth in her profession, It wasn’t long before the dynamic world of event lighting beckoned, leading her to ACTLD, a company that…

Our Standards

Our ethical practice

We always conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, and comply with Belgian and European laws.

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to treating all our employees equally as outlined in our equal opportunities policy and in accordance with the European Equality law.

We comply with Belgian law with regards to the minimum wage, legal working age and bonded or forced labour and slavery. We have a process in place for managing employees’ legal right to work. All employees are remunerated appropriately and are free to terminate their employment in accordance with BE & EU legislation and best practice.

Our professional conduct

ACTLD is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct, both when designing with light and conducting business. We provide our clients with the highest quality service, delivered in a professional manner. We are proud to be independent lighting designers and abide by the professional standards, ethics and methodology as defined by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD). Additionally, we are proud to deliver only professional work by following the RIBA plan of work in order to conduct the best practices in the best ways.

Lighting beyond energy

We actively consider the environmental impact of our lighting designs during the initial concept, design, and specification stages to inform decision making. Our main focus is energy optimization and minimum power. We are currently certified by both the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) for the Environmental Policy which outlines our commitment to balancing the environmental impact created by the production and use of artificial lighting with both its social and economic benefits.