About Us

Belgium based ACTLD provides full-service lighting design through its three distinctive departments : Architectural lighting design, Entertainment lighting design and Light Art installations. By integrating a creative sensibility, innovation and an emotional touch to our architectural projects, and by combining pragmatism, perfectionism and a technical specificity in the entertainment and art installations work, we are able to reach a synergy, and to provide truly unique results.

For 22 years, our experienced team, with its diverse background and domain of expertise, architecture, art, set design, interior design, lighting, graphic design and theatre, has proved its ability to offer original, effective and distinctive solutions in every project it takes on. Our services, which include concept design, design development, follow up and commissioning, are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We collaborate with a wide range of creative individuals and industry professionals: architects, artistic directors, producers, public bodies, developers and the end clients.

ACTLD’s design departments cover various services

Architectural lighting design

We conceive and illuminate projects such as exhibitions, museums, heritage sites, shopping malls, urban spaces, city master plans, office centres. In these projects our attention is given to several key elements such as originality, visual impact, strong statement and integration into the existing architecture, while aiming to improve the human experience. We offer solutions to get that “theatrical atmosphere” into an affordable and long-lasting experience.

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Entertainment lighting design

For the Entertainment industry we bring innovative solutions for the entire set-, lighting-, video- and content design productions, with special attention on the authenticity of the experience and its ability to amaze, in order to create unique performances such as theatrical plays, special events, fashion shows, concerts, product-launches, conferences, industrials, multi-media presentations, trade shows & exhibitions. We excel in producing designs for live shows, especially in using water as a medium, which enables numerous variations of lighting effects.

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Light Art installations

Constantly developing new forms of contemporary Light Art installations, we are combining Entertainment and Architectural lighting disciplines to work, not as lighting designers, but as light artists. Each year, ACTLD is developing internationally renowned and award-winner projects for artistic light festivals, contemporary art fairs or competitions.

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