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Cristina Martinez

Cristina Martínez’s academic and professional journey is a testament to her dedication and talent in the design field. Graduating with honors in Architecture from the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Venezuela set the foundation for her sterling career. Her drive to explore the technical side of architecture led her to Colombia, where she furthered her experience as an intern at LEET, a prominent research institute.

Cristina’s expertise deepened in Stockholm, Sweden, where she specialized in Lighting Design at KTH. This experience refined her skills, melding her understanding of spatial aesthetics with the transformative power of light. As a freelancer, Cristina contributed to a variety of architectural projects, collaborating with design companies to produce work that beautifully integrates architecture, landscape, and lighting.

True to her inquisitive nature, Cristina has continually sought out avenues for growth and has blossomed as a junior designer, demonstrating a remarkable trajectory through the ranks. Today, she holds a senior position within the architectural lighting design division at ACTLD, standing as one of the foremost project managers. Her advancement is not only a reflection of her skill but also her commitment to excellence and innovation.

Beyond her contributions to ACTLD, Cristina is an active participant in industry associations, such as “Women in Lighting,” where she engages with her peers to advocate for and uplift the role of women in her field. 

Cristina brings a harmonious blend of creative ideas and functional solutions to every project at ACTLD, enriching the firm with her diverse experience and unique perspective, all while setting a standard for excellence within the team.

  • Spanish, English, French