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Victorien Pangaud

Victorien Pangaud is a French architect who graduated from the Ecole SpĂ©ciale d’Architecture in Paris. After an enriching experience at DVVD Architectes, he obtained his registration with the Order of European Architects in 2021.
His professional career is characterized by its diversity. Having worked on projects ranging from large-scale building designs to more focused projects, he has developed a keen attention to construction detail. His skills in 3D modeling and forecast production allow him to visualize his ideas precisely and bring them to fruition efficiently.
Victorien has also gained valuable experience in the field of scenography, having worked on film and television sets, theaters, and exhibitions. His expertise in digital art installations allows him to create immersive and interactive spaces that captivate audiences.
Curious and open-minded, Victorien has traveled extensively and lived abroad. He is convinced that diversity and collaboration between cultures are essential to carrying out great creative projects.