Involved projects

Luc De Climmer

Luc is a multifaceted lighting professional, self-taught with a rich tapestry of experience spanning over 35 years in the industry. His collaboration with premier production companies, as well as top-tier lighting designers and technical directors, has solidified his reputation as a skilled previz specialist and a top programmer. Luc’s versatility is evident as he expertly juggles a multitude of roles in each project – from managing pre-production’s technical and logistical aspects to overseeing the production through to its culmination as an on-site manager and console operator.

His resume boasts recurrent collaborations with luminaries such as Koert Vermeulen, Franco Dragone, and Luc Petit on an array of projects – from intimate live events to grandiose theatrical productions and exclusive corporate showcases. In 2012, an entrepreneurial shift saw Luc embarking on a freelance lighting design career, propelled by a desire to harness his creativity and embrace fresh challenges.

Now, at the heart of the ACTLD team since September 2013, Luc leverages his extensive knowledge and field experience to spearhead new project development. He ascribes his sustained success to a foundation built on professional rigor, unstoppable drive, and unwavering attention to detail. 

Luc lives by the maxim: “A day without learning is a day wasted.” For him, ACTLD is not just a workplace; it’s an endless horizon for growth and innovation.