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Brugge Plus VZW




Belgium, Bruges


Aquatic & SFX Design, Creative Direction, Lighting Design, Programming, Project Management, Scenography, System Engineering, Technical Direction


Koert Vermeulen
Creative Director
Main Lighting Programmer
Project Manager: Soukaina BrarouProject Coordinator: Kathlyn Neegers

A tranquil park in Bruges was gently stirred in 2022 by the presence of “Forbidden Fruit,” a thoughtful light art installation by ACTLD that complemented its peaceful surroundings. Amidst the calm, a grand 3-meter diameter rotating mirror ball drew the eye, lending a subtle intrigue to the natural setting.
This central piece, a beacon of quiet reflection, was accompanied by around 400 smaller mirror balls, each one delicately suspended like a cluster of grapes among the trees. 

These spheres, when touched by light, cast a soft speckle across the landscape, creating a tranquil yet captivating visual poem that whispered of abundance, mythology, and the intangible.
Visitors were drawn into a meditative journey as they took in the scene—the mirror balls’ understated sparkle against the foliage offered a unique juxtaposition of art and nature. It was a serene invitation to pause and appreciate a moment of introspection, an experience heightened by the contrast of the solitary giant mirror ball and the collective shimmer of its smaller counterparts.

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