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Stans Peters

Stans is a lighting designer whose journey began in the practical realms of being an electrician and a programmer before she pursued her education in interior design at KASK School of Arts in Ghent. There, she specialized in temporary installations and found a deep-seated passion for lighting that has illuminated her career path since.

Her experience in the field of architectural lighting began at Delta Light, where she served as a light advisor and collaborated with noted designers such as Giuseppe Iacobino and Danilo Mandelli. The experience enriched her understanding of the nuances of light in architecture. She then expanded her expertise into the more technical side of lighting by working with Veko Light Systems, deepening her grasp of industrial lighting.

Always seeking growth in her profession, Stans ventured into the high-end lighting sector with PSLab and teamed with Kurt Bruggeman, broadening her reach within the industry. It wasn’t long before the dynamic world of event lighting beckoned, leading her to ACTLD, a company that matched her ambitions and where she thoroughly enjoys contributing to a team that’s as dedicated as she is.

In tandem with her design work, Stans brings balance to her life by engaging in office management. This shift in focus not only refreshes her but also aids her in staying sharp for creative endeavors. Her role as an assistant to the design director provides her with a continuous stream of creative stimulation, allowing her sustained growth and learning.

At ACTLD, Stans is valued not just for her passion and creative spirit, but also for her ability to bring a technical perspective to the team’s lighting projects.