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Ellen Vermeulen

Ellen’s foundation in design began at the Art School St. Maria in Antwerp, propelling her into a career where she has devoted herself to the furniture and design industry. 

As the Administration Manager for ACTLD, her role is central to maintaining smooth operations across all aspects of the office.
Ellen’s diverse skill set allows her to efficiently tackle both accounting and human resources (HR) tasks. Her ability to multitask, commitment to her work, and extensive experience are evident as she excels in the precise handling of company accounts and employee management.

In accounting, Ellen’s responsibilities encompass bookkeeping, overseeing payments, managing invoices, and guiding financial reporting. Her meticulous nature and organizational prowess ensure accuracy and reliability in the company’s finances, which is crucial for the company’s economic stability.

Her role stretches into the HR department, where Ellen assists with onboarding new employees and participates in fostering employee relationships. She aids in setting up interviews and orienting new team members. Her friendly demeanor and accessible approach make her an approachable figure for colleagues seeking assistance with HR concerns, contributing to a positive workplace culture.

In summary, Ellen’s broad-ranging skills make her a vital part of the ACTLD team, adeptly handling essential financial tasks and contributing to a positive and efficient office environment.