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Lucrezia Seghi

Lucrezia is a lighting designer with a twist of Industrial Design, a sharp eye for project overview, and a strong belief in the power of teamwork.

Graduating from Aalborg University of Copenhagen, she began her career in theatre, through collaborations across Italy and Denmark. Back in Scandinavia, she co-created “The Wavescape”, an immersive installation for the CPH Light Festival. Her life and career journey brought her to expand her skill set by delving into architectural lighting for international projects. In 2018 she landed in Copenhagen Tivoli Garden with the role of Lighting Designer and Project Leader.

Her multidisciplinary design technique allows her to tackle projects from multiple perspectives, merging diverse design realms and seamlessly blending knowledge and techniques. This dynamic approach empowers her to navigate smoothly between entertainment and architectural projects, crafting both temporary and permanent installations, covering different roles in the project and Team.

In the design process, she is fascinated and constantly digging into new technical understanding and production methodology, at the cross-section of Design and Project Management.

She thrives on teamwork and embraces a multidisciplinary attitude as the cornerstone of successful design and continuous growth.

With her experience in several design fields, she brings a creative yet practical touch to the ACTLD team.

  • Italian, English