Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Lighting Design, Programming


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Lighting Design: ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Koert VermeulenSenior Lighting Designer: Bruno DemeesterArchitect: Architekten CIE

The project Koopgoot in Rotterdam, the common name for an underground walkway and shopping passage that continues under the main traffic artery of the Coolsingel, integrates the metro station and interconnects two existing shopping areas: the Hoogstraat and the Lijnbaan.

A long-term collaboration between CBRE, Architekten CIE and ACTLD in this project was awarded with the certification BREEAM-NL Existing Building and Usage, a first for a retail estate project. The main problem consisted in the high contrast level between exterior and interior lighting in the passage, which required a high visual adaptation for the public. Onsites visits, technical study of the location and observation of the public circulation in the passage allowed us to create a custom lighting design for the entrances, shop fronts and ceiling lighting systems.

By applying different light levels for different zones of Koopgoot, we answered to the specific requirements of renovation & upgrade principles with cost & energy effectiveness of the LED luminaries. An appealing and securing high level of lighting was introduced at the entrances of the passage to help the public to pass from exterior to interior area without feeling any difficulties to adapt its vision. A more subtle and comfortable lighting level was used in the middle area in order to guide the public through the central zones.

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