Amsterdam Light Festival




The Netherlands



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Lighting Design: ACTLDPrincipal Designer/Director: Koert VermeulenCreative Director: Julie BonicheJunior Designer: Lucia Do Souto & Ana VargasVideo Content Production: Guillaume de BrabandèreLight Operator: Luc de ClimmerVideo Operator: Cédric Dewaide, ADC Production

ACTLD created for the famous Amsterdam Light Festival “Light Matters”, a new media installation illustrating the Existentialism of light, this year’s theme of the festival. By sailing on the canal, you can enjoy the artwork in a contemplative way surrounded by ambient sound. From the Jonas Daniël Meijerplein park, as a pedestrian, you will live an immersive and more intimate experience.

Out of the darkness, a flowing moving light appears in between the trees, dancing in the middle of the sky, like a mirage. An invisible surface catches light and keeps it as the only visible element, creating an immersive experience. A cloud of light, brought down to earth, floating above the spectators, between sky and water.

Since the beginning of time, light has existed in its most existential form providing comfort and enchantment. More and more, artificial light tends to steal the thunder of natural lights and darkness. These natural phenomena are hiding nowadays in pure darkness like a diamond in a mine. To reveal these marvelous pieces of natural light into the heart of the city, Light matters proposes a travel around the world and further. Rare treasures from the universe, the northern skies, the deep sea, the center of the earth and more… will float above us reminding people how much Light Matters.

You can continuously be mesmerized by the versatility, power and beauty of light, which has been around for so much longer than man.

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