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Produced by ACTLDCreative Director: Koert VermeulenSenior Lighting Designer & Technical Director: Luc De ClimmerProject Designer: Julie BonicheJunior Designer: Ana VargasDesigned and made in association with: Drop The SpoonMusicomADC ProductionVYV.CA

Inspired by the first illuminations of the Cathedral in the 18th century, our team produced an impressive and authentic spectacle to enhance the millennial architecture of the Cathedral and to tell an enchanting story of an incredible time travel. Our creative team approached this project with a sensitive narrative and a multitude of visual effects projected not only on the cathedral, but also on its surroundings. This global artistic approach is focused on complete immersion of the spectators in a vivid memorable story in which enhanced urban environment is brought to life, becoming a temporary but wonderful tale.
The public discovers several scenes depicting the epic travel of light since the beginning of time. Simultaneously intimate and spectacular, the spectacle invites the public to think of such fascinating and deep notions as time and light. Both very abstract and concrete, they share their journey through the centuries, bearing universal symbols and moving towards modernity while accompanying our daily lives… As does the Cathedral of Strasbourg, a living witness of these concepts.
The illumination of Strasbourg Cathedral presented many challenges in terms of feasibility and technical complexity. For the best visual impact several lighting and video equipments were directly integrated into the buildings. A particular attention was given to rigorous norms and regulations applicable to those buildings classified heritage. Almost 700 Boogies® LED candles, created by ACTLD, were implemented into the facades of the Cathedral and its surroundings and were especially programmed for the spectacle.
From 2nd July until 18th September, on each summer evening the public can discover this 15min show every 30 minutes displayed on one of the most prestigious cultural attractions of the city.

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