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Lighting Design: ACTLDArchitects: Blank ArchitectsDesign Consultants: Bird’s Eye View

Mitino was developed by ADG Group and certified by BREEAM, is a complex of three buildings (120 000 sqm): “City Plaza”, the “Promenade” and the “Stage”.

We aimed at creating the most authentic atmosphere for the visitors by using the best quality materials and followed the vision shared by “Blank Architects” and managed by Bird’s Eye View to offer an eco-friendly space and to promote a healthy style of living.

Our main inspiration for the interior lighting came from fairytales elements, surrounding nature with references to the forest such as birch trees, leaf shaped skylights and birds’ nests.

We ensured the right balance between the use of daylight and artificial light, enhancing the nature elements present in the architecture and design of the complex, while perfectly connecting them into the surrounding landscape.

For the exteriors, we elaborated a concept and integrated specific lighting equipment to the buildings, which not only guide the visitors but also surprise and invite them to interact with their surroundings.

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