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DARC Awards




United Kingdom



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Lighting Design: ACTLDSenior Designer: Julie BonicheProject Designer: Ana Vargas

We’ve created our concept Planetarium, staging the products of our designated partner Anolis in the framework of Darc Night. The Darc Night evening, is following the dark award ceremony, an atmospheric party in a unique venue in London.*

Our installation is inspired by the ancient concept of Planetariums, dome-shaped theaters. Through different technics that evolved over time since the Hellenistic period, the public was immersed into a celestial world that once upon a time seemed far, far away. Through abstract illustrations, we’ve created the experiences of swimming into the universe, exploring known planets, and maybe even some imaginary ones…

An experience as contemplative as intense, that will, for a few minutes, let one’s imagination float into another space.

*The Darc awards is a unique concept using Mondo*arc and Darc magazines’ reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world. During Darc Night a series of light installations are presented issued from collaborations between manufacturer partners and lighting designers to create inspirational interest. For the second year in a row ACTLD has taken part into this creative and dynamic team of selected lighting designers.

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