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Riviera LCC




Moscow, Russia


Lighting Design


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Lighting Design: ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Andrea MantelloProject Designer: Zeynep Kaban

Riviera Shopping Mall and Entertainment Centre is a commercial and leisure project located at the entrance to Podolsk Town and on the Moscow River embankment.

The dimension and the specificity of the “Riviera” building, embedded between the most busy road in Moscow in contraposition with the calmness of the river on the other side, inspired ACTLD team to create a distinctive “signature” for the exteriors & interiors thanks to effective advanced lighting design. We combined sensorial and functional approach to underline the pureness of the architectural details and define spaces with distinctive atmospheres.

For the exteriors, we based our concept on the movement/speed along the main road by designing a dynamic façade and three-dimensional panels in between the architectural LED screens. This approach allowed us to play with spectra colours finishing during the day and, at night, with dynamic lighting effects based on the interactivity/reactivity with the surroundings. In the interiors, we elaborated different concepts with a distinctive “signature” accordingly to the architecture and the utilisation of the spaces. Our creative concept was followed by design development phase and several tailored programming sessions in order to obtain the best visual effects.

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