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Lighting Design : ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Andrea MantelloDesign Director : Koert VermeulenStructural Engineer: Bureau Greish

Sky Rings – City Walk light installation is a creative response of ACTLD to the constant demand of original ways to improve the city experience while maintaining principles of visual coherence in the urban development.

Designed as dynamic chandeliers floating in the sky, the light installation of Sky Rings – City Walk accompanies the everyday life of locals, passers-by and visitors along their walk in the city.

This permanent installation, imagined as a colorful 1,5 km long wave of specially designed rings, is suspended on top of the walkway and creates a visual continuity.

The vibrant installation is composed out of 106 double rings positioned each 10 meters at a height of 5 meters. Each element is composed out of 2 made-to-measure metal rings –fixed to each other by a rotational axis. The interior and exterior faces of each outer ring encloses 2 LED strips on each face that can be individually controlled.

The light of each ring can be programmed separately or in groups with tailored colors schemes and sequences. For seasonal or festive occasions, different programming can be set-up to change the atmosphere of the walkway. The entire system has been configured to offer the option to be remotely monitored and controlled.

The inner rings have been positioned horizontally at the same height to create a visual continuity while the outer ring – which rotate around the inner one – has been positioned at different angles to reinforce the dynamism of the installation.

One of the challenges was to design a product that is resistant to extreme temperature (Dubai can reach 50°C in the summer) and to the sandy environment while still offering a long-time life span.

Today, thanks to this creative approach, City Walk is not only an area of passage for the pedestrians but it’s a destination in Dubai where locals as well as visitors meet-up and enjoy their time together, like a promenade.

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