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London, United Kingdom


Aquatic & SFX Design, AV systems design, Content Creation, Creative Direction, Lighting Design, Previsualization, Programming, Project Management, Scenography, System Engineering, Technical Direction


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Lighting Design : ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Koert VermeulenArtistic Director: Julie BonicheAssistant Designer: Cristina Martinez

During the festive season of Christmas 2015 and until 2017, “Timeless elegance” light art installation illuminates Regent Street.

Our original artistic concept is a sculpture of time, nowadays genuine luxury. We illustrated the concept of “suspension of time”, by showing each element of an enchanting innovative clockwork mechanism, which pave a “golden way” for the visitors. We propose to rediscover the festive season of Christmas with a new artistic perspective and a touch of avant-garde.

For the first time in London’s festive illuminations, we imagined a challenging lighting scheme with a custom created combination of video projections, dynamic pixels, tinsels of light and LED screens integrated in the decoration. Every hour, visitors can watch an exclusive compilation of video projections and programmed lights that bring the sculpture to life. This ambitious dynamic installation is designed to evolve in time, reflect the brand values of Regent Street and convey its atmosphere of glamour during the festive period.

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