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Lighting Design: ACTLD - Bruno DemeesterDesign Director : Koert Vermeulen

ACTLD was selected to develop the lighting masterplan for the refurbishment of the whole area of Tour & Taxis, an early 20th century industrial site in Brussels. This site has now been developed into a mixed area, gathering public institutions, activities and housing. ACTLD has taken part with the team of architects and engineers to combine beautiful Belgian architecture with the most innovative technologies of the time. The result? Buildings that still have all modern facilities with an attractive, innovative flavor.

ACTLD has developed an overall approach for all the public areas, defining the different typologies and proposing appropriate lighting for each of them. The main areas, such as the one in front of the Royal Entrepot, are lit with arrays of narrow beam projectors mounted along a spiral movement on high and thin white colored poles. This results to a more contrasted lighting, reduces glare and enhances the importance of each major and central place articulating the site.

The pedestrian backbone of the historical part is lit with subtly diffusing tubular luminaires located in between the trees. The other secondary streets and paths are lit with the most discrete and sober projectors, shining light only on the required areas. These have been chosen with a subtle industrial look that integrates well within the area.

Within this background lighting, we’ve added several unique features, such as a video controlled media installation in the glass truncated cone of the car park exit, a more contrasted lighting experience in the central and green area of the backbone, and more specific lighting on the different historical facades of the site. This installation offers also to the operators the opportunity to broadcast messages to the public.
This project is a long-term involvement for ACTLD, starting from an overall approach in 2015 and still on going.

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