Xixi National Wetland Park




China, Hangzhou


Lighting Design


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Lighting Design: ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Koert VermeulenConcept & Scenography: Marcos Viñals Bassols

XIXI National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, is a rare urban wetland with rich ecological resources. It is the first and only Wetland Park in China combining urban life, farming and culture, which aims at becoming the number one natural leisure & touristic destination in China.

This was as much a lighting design masterplan as it was a darkness design masterplan, where we carefully examined what should be lit and what should stay dark with the focus on the landscape, the architecture and the leisure areas. Three main requirements – the creation of harmony, identity and attractiveness – were answered after delving into each area’s specificities. By applying a modern ecological approach binding genuine lighting poetry and technical solutions, we provided a lasting experience for the visitors in view of the long-term development of Xixi site.
We enhanced the rooftops, façades, bridges, businesses and their signage and used a custom made lanterns all along the site. To make Xixi NWP more attractive to visitors, we created interactive light art installations from optic fiber and produced a light night show at the Pagoda.

A controlling lighting system, which varies according to the number of visitors and a widespread use of LED’s systems helped to protect fauna and flora of the wetlands and ensured a low level of electrical consumption. These sustainable solutions enhanced the lighting of the architecture, minimized the carbon footprint and created a welcoming and safe environment.

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