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Puy du Fou France




France, Les Epesses


Lighting Design, Previsualization, Programming


Senior Designer
Lighting Design: ACTLDPrincipal Designer: Koert VermeulenAssociate lighting designer: Luc De ClimmerAssistant lighting designer: Julie BonicheArtistic Direction: Nicolas De Villiers

After we worked on “Cinescénie” the Puy du Fou theme park appointed our team as lighting designers for its new innovative indoor permanent spectacle: Le Dernier Panache. To produce this revolutionary show, Puy du Fou built a custom made theatre of 7500m2 with some of the most innovative tailored contents and equipment including a rotating stage of 2400 seats and a 60m x 18m pool.

Le Dernier Panache offered the audience an astonishing experience: a live performances of 30 actors, various sets & decors and impressive visual effects of video, light & sound design. In total, not less than 22 sequences on 7 different stages, in a continuously and almost imperceptibly changing set, taking place in front and around the amazed public.

In the framework of our mission, which included the concept design, design development and programming of the lighting for show, we were able to provide our expertise in visual design, mixing technologically complex solutions for live events, theatre and TV productions, in order to create the perfect balance between lighting effects and ultra HD videos projected on 10 meter high screens.

Puy du Fou aimed at offering a truly immersive cinematographic experience for its audience with focus on a combination of several innovative solutions. Given the challenging particularities and the best result, we exclusively used LED equipment and designed custom-made luminaries that greatly reduced the needs for maintenance and provided long-term qualitative solution for this daily show.

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