Forum Invest Nederland




The Netherlands, Ypenburg


Lighting Design, Programming, Scenography, System Engineering


Koert Vermeulen
Lead Designer
Senior Designer: Bruno Demeester
EXTERNAL CREDITSArchitect: Rapp & RappLandscape Architect: West 8

The lighting scheme of the city centre of Ypenburg was developed to combine color changing lighting, infrastructure lighting and functional lighting within a unique and coherent system. The concept design is developed around 3 scales of perception. First, the skyline is enhanced with large luminous blocks located at the top of each tower. Each tower top can change color according to season and time. Secondly, the street is emphasized with made to measure suspended lighting. Functional projectors enclosed in made to measure backlit translucent elements are mixed with larger light features able to change color similarly to the tower tops. Finally, dynamic lighting system integrated to the windows enhance each entrance of the towers, echoing the color of each tower top. Established lighting feature such as the uplighting of trees or the indirect lighting of pedestrian areas were added to complete this comprehensive urban lighting scheme.

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